Saturday, July 25, 2009

two birds, one stone

so this lady i know in little rock tagged me in some queer facebook misadventure and wanted to know 25 random things about me...ok so what else do i have to do before headin to the alley so i will share with get off my back about updating this damn blog and staying in touch on the time suck known as facebook....

1. i live in a trailer park and love it
2. i am a senior citizen but still like to party
3. i still have a crush on my high school love - T-Roy
4. i've slept with a black man - and it is true, i will never go back
5. i smoke kool a box...and save the lectures my lungs are made of steel
6. i miss night owl theater
7. i still love to macrame pot holders
8. i collect pink flamingos
9. beer cures my hangovers
10. i enjoy beer out of cans
11. slim jims rule the snack aisle
12. i wish i owned a harley
13. no, those arent dentures, the real deal baby...there are not many here in the park that can claim a whole set.
14. been married 5 times...bart, frank, walter, billy and billy bob
15. my car has a working muffler
16. my favorite color is turquoise
17. i like jackie o sunglasses
18. nascar is the real american pasttime...RIP, dale
19. i prefer a booth to a table
20. plastic cups are fine, collectible and dont break when drunk
21. gas station coffee is the best kept secret in my hood
22. i once dreamed of being a dancer but never made it past the gentlemen's club...if u know what i mean... 23. i can do the splits
24. obama made me a democrat for life...
25. i hate being tagged in stupid fb pranks