Saturday, June 27, 2009

from sorrow to smiles

its been a tough week, a lot of souls to tip one back for, first ed mcmahon, then farrah and of course michael. i wasn't much of a jackson fan but the deaths of farrah and ed rocked my world. like most of us here in the trailer park i have been dreaming for years to open the door to ed holding that big cardboard check with my name on noreen j since that dream has now gone down the drain i immediately ran up to the kwik stop and bought myself a cool $20 worth of scratch off lottery tix...and wouldn't you know it i won $1,000 -- can you believe it, me the unluckiest person in the world a winner -- no i didn't win the $10M, but really does anyone, i am sure it is a hoax to take our hard earned government money. so with this grand burning a hole in my polyesters i remembered about that to die for
gold 1989 lincoln town car that i saw down on the car lot...and to top it off ed style i even got to keep the balloon attached to the antenna reminiscent of the balloon bouquet those lucky ducks got with their big cardboard checks. well that's all for now -- gotta take a cruise in the town car.
man the looks i get around the trailer park...thinking of getting some vanity plates...i'll keep ya updated, can't wait to drive it up in style to the family reunion in a couple months...stay tuned...njw **RIP ED**