Tuesday, February 17, 2009

nascar baby!

did you all see it? daytona was last sunday--how freakn exciting is that? i almost had to put my depends on i was so excited! anyway, all that hype and the race was a dissapointment...finished uunder caution due to rain>>>cheap i tell you ...if you cant drive in the rain what good are you??? i have not been around blogland for a while...out christmas trip to florida was extended because cecil"s gout flared up and i wasn't drivin that heap of a van through the mountains in virginia...ugh what a drive..did manage to stop of and pick ethel up a earnhart shirt...did i mention dale jr ran like shit on sunday..caused about a 20 car crash late in the day...he'll never live up to his dad's legacy..long live big E.....speaking of ethel and her new nascar shirt>>>you'll never guess what she got me..check out my new bowling shirt....these shots were taken superbowl sunday...not a stool in the bar to be had so we hit the billiard hall>>shoot even the commercials suck these days...

this weekend i am gettin my wig busted..haven't been to the beauty parlor in years but avis got me a gift certificate for christmas...so i'm off for a wash and a set...stayed tuned for the finished product...oh boy the smell of white rain aerosol...gotta love it.