Friday, April 25, 2008

long lost relative

much to my dismay, i was forced to go to seattle a couple of weeks ago...
and lo and behold who did i run into???
i was minding my own business waiting to go on that tour, you know where that boat with wheels drives you around seattle and then goes into the water, something about a duck or other..
just keeping to myself eating a slim jim and drinking my over-priced starbucks joe
when i hear this high pitched shrill of a voice calling my name,
i knew that could only belong to one person and one person only
and that is my second cousin - lonnie jo from greencastle, indiana.
lonnie jo is my dads(cecil sr)aunts(coralee) that??
well long story short, lonnie jo is living large
managing the 2local laundr-o-mats called the wash & dry
in greencastle...
she was in seattle at a conference for low sudsing detergants and their effeciency..
what is that whoey??
you used to be able to walk into grocery and pick between tide, cheer or all..
3detergants and that is that...
but not now, you got the dang high effeciency detergants, dark colors choices, whites only..
sweet jesus, i just buy my soap at the stop and shop, where i buy my smokes
one choice in and out...

anyway, she still lives in a rental with her live-in, who we only know as eddie...
well there was no where for me to run , so i had to listen to her yap and yap
about when we were young and used to fight over who was a catch-
mannix-her choice

or mine-rockford(xox)..
that 2hrs couldnt had been any slower.....
i ate my whole pack of slim jims and couldnt wait to
get off that ride so i could smoke my ciggys in peace..
it was nice to see her for a minute but if i dont see her again in 20yrs
i couldnt care....
she was annoying then and annoying now....