Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy hallmark $$ makn day

hang on to your seats people~i need a couple of more puffs on the cig before i can start this post..
mmmm, nothing like a virginia slim right out of a fresh pack and a str8 up slim jim before i head off to the bowling alley, cecil and janice are in some kind of damn tournament where they could possible win some money, which cecil will then spend on more artifical grass for his trailer deck while janice will try and get him to take her on a luxury vacation to niagara falls..
ps -that trip will never happen~

dewey the bartender at the alley bar bought this lamp on his recent vacation to graceland..
i like elvis but nothing beats a good love song sung buy the one and only
.gawd, i adore him......
okay, enough chitchat, gotta get myself to the alley , tonight beer is 2for 1, a little something
dewey likes to call his double pleasure night, he does this every valentines day...
he also changes all the light bulbs to red
the whole bar looks like a cheap whore will be booming...
i think it is alot of hoey for one night...