Saturday, March 21, 2009

saturday night special

Yeah Yeah, I know these posts are few and far between but shit
be glad I friggin do them at all..
Remember my sister

her boyfriend Kenny... well, Avis calls me this A.M> between my morning cup of folgers and my 3rd cig and wants me to accompany her and Kenny to some friggin banquet night at the

Moose Lodge.. What the hell do I need to go for? I ask her...Well bottom line Kenny decidedto take the early retirement package from the factory and there's a party in his honor tonight...Avis needs someone to go with her because hes just like all these old factory boys that can't hold their liquor like they could twenty years ago. Avis needs me there to make the emergency exit before the men become boys...nothing good can come of that

SOoooooooooooooo--She picks me up an hour later and we are off to the beauty shop for a wash and set on Avis of course, I wasnt do for another one for at least
another week....
Avis wanted to hit the mall next but I had to draw the line somewhere. Hell no am I going into that suburban hell, the prices are downright ludicrous-nothing wrong with the wranglers and the Jaclyn Smith line at k-mart for a fraction, a mean fraction of the I had to get home and have a couple before she and Kenny picked me up.
This is the dress i finally settled on ...
been in my closet for round five it for cecil's wedding (per-janice) that never came to fruition due to cecil's bachelor party i said before its never good when the men become boys thanks to a bit o'alcohol....but, hell, let's cut loose tonight...
it shots of jack and tequilla shooters for me....
Kenny's sister Bobbie K is supposed to make an appearance tonight...good lord, i go for years without seeing that lady but she doesn't change one bit -- same bitter old lady who looks down on the rest of us just cause we enjoy a pull of beer here and there....but then again
the good Lord was not kind to her - just look at that mug.
well gotta run before kenny's a honken at the curb...wish me luck --njw