Sunday, August 17, 2008

family reunion 2008

when it comes to a family reunion all you have to mention is free beer and cigs and so-called
relatives come out of the woodwork...this years mess happened at the VFW hall...
we had it all steak, sweet corn and BEER...
but the best thing about this annual function is


Marlene made it up from Florida:

Avis was there in full force accompanied by her granddaughter Darlene...

who I must say needs to go shopping for some clothes that fit:

Avis's current man-Kennie
and Cecil with his girlfriend Janice...

this was Janice's first reunion but as you can see she fit right in:

janices daughter-jackee and her husband-bruce who is a HUGE nascar fan

Cecil's oldest Cecil Jr. and his wife Shelley:

Cecils youngest son, Dale...he totaled his SUV last weekend and has to

drive his tow truck


This year was one for the books we got Uncle Jessie out..broken arm and all...he fell off a barstool a month back:

Uncle Jesse is my moms(god rest her soul) brother

Dickie (uncle jesses son)showed up in his normal attire of bibs but good god almighty he actually had on a clean t-shirt underneath --

you'll also see his wife Gloria's new tattoo :

A few shots from around the gathering:

the day was as good as it gets around here..

we were missing lonnie jo and the indiana bunch and our

new acquaitance ethel

but all in all

we all left with empty coolers and a little drunker than usual.......