Tuesday, May 6, 2008

pool season

well, it is gettin time for cecil to open up his damn pool, he acts like it is some luxurious

place like beverly hills, more like the beverly hillbillies!! it is just some above the ground piece of crap and everyday his brats and their unbehaved friends show up to lay around

on their blow-up

plastic crap from the big lot store this is something that cecil picked up on his way home from the plant

he said there aint nothin wrong with puttin it out by the pool..

i hope he gets some kind of sckiv from it

he is a trash picker loud and proud.

this is what cecil thinks his pool looks like???

i guess if you drink enough PBR anything looks good...

cecil opens up his pool memorial day weekend with a big cook-out! i show up long enough to say hello , swig a cold one and then head back over to my little piece of heaven...

cannot stand all those brats and their obnoxious friends....

gawd another summer in HELL...