Monday, September 29, 2008

nascar recap!

i have been back from my nascar trip for a couple of weeks now and lived to talk about it...the race was all i could image but thank gawd it was not too hot, i could not have stood there packed into the grandstand like sardines in 80+ degree weather...some of those guys smelled bad enough without the help of sweat. i ran out of koolmilds about 230 miles into the race and had to snag some vantage cigs from the old man in front of me...i think he thought i was cute with my fashonista butterfly i've been sporting in my doo. to tell you the truth i think i had more fun hangin with my nascar buddies that night before the race -- above you can see me with Big Ray, Martha Jean and Little Ray. if you look closely you can see alot of the drivers autographs on Martha Jeans shirt. Cecil would kill for that shirt...Big Ray, Martha Jean and Little Ray made the trip down from Ct. They make this pilgrimage every year.
the ride with those artsy crafty gals seemed at times the ride to hell ...they could turn a 14 hours drive into a three day excursion stopping at every little antique shop along the way.

We got holed up in rochester, ny on the way back to ohio due to that damn hurricane ike - the wind was blowing so flippin hard i thought i was going to lose half my lee press on nails and wouldn't you know i just glued those bad boys on just before the big race.
when i finally got home i had to beat cecil and family off like flies trying to get in on every little detail of the race and my weekend...whatever, they need to pony up the money and get their own freakn tickets and stop thinking they are all that just because they go to the demolition derby most saturday nights.
i got myself in to a few more adventures while in new hampshire but those will have to wait for another post - it is time for me to head out to the alley and have me a few old milwaukees..
the barstool is calling my name.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

nascar bound

sweet jesus~~
i cannot believe that i am this lucky to be going to an actual nascar race this weekend...
the only problem is that i have to hitch a ride with these 2crafty gals that dont know when to shut their damn pie holes .
shit they wanna stop and take g**damn pictures at every corner...if i hear one more time
"hey, thats a photo op, stop" i am just goin ralph my slim jims up!
this picture is taken at cecils place , i took pleasure in telling him that i was going and he wasnt!!
he couldnt get off from the plant, ha ha!
look over my shoulder and you can see all the damn medication he is on!